1 Corinthians 3:10-23

As we approach the end of 1 Corinthians chapter 3, Paul brings a stern warning to church leadership: be careful about mixing in worldly wisdom with the Word of God to build or grow the church.
The mixing in and value placed on wisdom from the worldly experts is really affecting the life and health off the church in Corinth. They believed in Jesus, but when it came to understanding marriage, divorce, sexuality, conflict resolution, and life after death, they turned to the opinions of people!  Supplementing the Word of God with the expert opinions and methods of the world kept them immature like babies.
Using the example of a building, specifically a temple, Paul gives a picture to explain the warning those who are in church leadership. In doing this, he helps us catch a cool understanding of the church! In Corinth there was no lack of temples to Greek gods and goddesses. But what about a temple to Jesus?  Remember the early church met primarily in homes for a few hundred years!  So, they knew where to worship Aphrodite or Apollo or Poseidon. But Jesus?  Hmmmm; should He have a temple? Maybe He already does!
Surprisingly, the passage ahead of us is the primary one used in Catholic teaching to defend the understanding of purgatory!  Is purgatory real? Do people have to experience suffering and pain after death and before heaven? Listen is as Pastor Steve unpacks this important set of truths about worldly wisdom versus the wisdom of God!