1 Corinthians 2:1-16

This Sunday we return to 1 Corinthians, covering chapter 2; yes, you read that right, the whole chapter!  Remembering back to chapter one, Paul has the mission to try and unite the people in the Corinthian church.
Have you ever uttered the words or thought the thought, “What were they thinking”? Sure you have! I bet you have watched the news and thought that! If you have teenagers you have said that.  Maybe you have seen someone doing something you thought was absolutely ridiculous and stupid (by your estimation) and said that!
You know what? I bet someone has said that about you, too!  But in our own minds, our decision seems completely rational. Other people just don’t understand!  If you explain your behavior, however, then they can understand. Without an explanation it seems like a mystery!
Eight times in chapter 2 the word wisdom is mentioned.  You might substitute the word “opinion” or “decision” for wisdom. Now if we can’t understand each others thoughts or behavior without explanation, then how can we ever understand God’s thoughts? As it turns out, we can’t unless He reveals them to us.
How does this affect my ability to read the Bible and make good decisions, and trust the right people? Listen in as Pastor Steve unpacks these secrets revealed in 1 Corinthians chapter 2.