1 Corinthians 16:12-24

How many of you grew up with a mother who insisted upon you finishing everything on your plate before you left the table? I heard a story about a family where this was the case, and at least one of the kids would fall asleep at the table, determined not to finish the green beans! Maybe many of you can relate and have memories of such a dinner time dilemma!

You might be saying, “Steve, what does this have to do with the Mother’s Day scripture??” Well, after much prayer and consideration, I decided that in honor of Mother’s Day, we at CCF will finish what is on our plate! Huh? First Corinthians is on our plate! We will be in 1st Corinthians chapter 16 for the final few spoonfuls of truth we have been eating bite by bite, chapter by chapter, for the last year or so! We are so close to finishing this letter, I think moms will be proud of my decision.

Tomorrow we will look at the final section of chapter 16; verses 12-23. And the best way to describe it, in sticking with our analogy, is “mixed vegetables”. Remember those? Peas and carrots and green beans and corn and lima beans all in one can! That is what we face tomorrow. A wonderful mixture of truth that will include a discussion on addiction, growing up, being strong, and even loving Jesus!

I don’t think mom will be disappointed, and I know her wish is for her loved ones to draw close to God on her special day! Listen in and see what the Lord has for us with our final message from 1 Corinthians!