1 Corinthians 15:50-58

As we finish 1st Corinthians chapter 15, Paul brings his discussion of resurrection to a victorious crescendo and climax! Death and the grave do not have the last word! Like a lion with no teeth, a snake with no venom, or a bee with no sting, death has been stripped of its power and the grave has been forced to give up its prisoners. Jesus will lead captives out of captivity at the resurrection. Our old, earthly bodies will yield to new heavenly ones.

But this raises a question. If it is death that releases us from these “earth suits” (earthly bodies) that we dwell in, what will happen to those that are alive on earth when Jesus returns?

Did you know that “the gospel” includes the resurrection as well as the second coming of Jesus Christ. We, as the church, are looking forward to a day called “the Rapture of the Church”. What is that? When will it happen?

People will be living and working and busy about their lives when the Rapture happens. Here is the big question: When Jesus comes, will living people in earthly bodies be stuck on earth because they don’t have their heavenly bodies yet? Will they have to die first? Or will they be excluded from heaven!

So many questions and lots of answers as we wrap up our study about resurrection. Don’t miss this last section!