1 Corinthians 15:20-34

On this Palm Sunday we continue in our study of 1st Corinthians 15 – The Resurrection chapter – with Part III in our series. As we would expect, this next section is packed with essential truth. How we think and how we understand really does dictate how we live. Our true theology is evident in the story of our lives, decision, emotions, attitudes and behaviors. That was true for the Corinthian Christians and it is still true for us!

The next section is filled with “kingdom battle” words — power, authority, enemies, rule, and so on. For those who are movie fans and have been tracking with the Marvel series and awaiting the final conclusion, you may be interested in some of the discussion. Death (Thanatos or Thanos in Greek) is the last and greatest enemy and is personified (given human traits for illustration) in this chapter. Like Goliath, Death is an enemy that seems to loom large and to be unstoppable and unbeatable. The greatest battle a person will fight is with Death and none of us is equipped to overcome. What chance do we have?

We will also discuss the Mormon practice of “baptizing for the dead” that finds its origin here in chapter 15 and in some other bad theology. Finally we will see the moral consequences of believing that death is unconquerable. When there is no hope for the future, and no judgement, what does that produce in society and community? A very good question and one we will deal with as we study this section.

How we think really does affect our lives in ways you might not even realize!