1 Corinthians 11:2-16

With the snow gone and as we gather back again on a Sunday, we return to our study of 1st Corinthians, picking up in chapter 11.

This is the famous — or infamous — passage that addresses the way men and women dress during for the church gatherings. Does God have a dress code? Is there a “right way” for men and women to come before the Lord?

The passage also speaks to male and female differences and even role differences. Is the Bible is patriarchal book that belittles women and favors men? Are women second class citizens in God’s eyes? Should women wear a veil on their heads? Why or why not?

We will make our way diligently through this passage, mining out what is cultural and what is eternal. Our God is a God of order and not chaos! Aren’t you thankful for that! Listen in as we explore this very interesting passage in 1st Corinthians.