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Daniel series

Daniel 8:1-27

I am not sure if I feel more like a sports commentator or a Bible preacher! Why? Daniel has another vivid and descriptive vision. This time it’s the Bucks against the Rams with a surprise ending! This chapter, like Daniel chapter 7, is full of action. The ram seems unstoppable, but wait—out of nowhere comes…

Daniel series

Daniel 7:1-28

If you could know the future, would you want to? Before you answer, think about it. Maybe you would want to clarify your answer based on whether it’s a good or bad future! “Yes, if such and such is true…“—or “no, unless…” You get the idea. Now hash that out in your mind! If you…

Daniel series

Daniel 6:1-28

If you play a little “word association” and say the word “Daniel“, the immediate response for many would be “lion’s den“. Chapter 6 is that well known Bible chapter that holds this famous story. People have heard of the story but many of them don’t really know the details. They don’t know about the new…