"Ephesians" Tagged Sermons

Saturday Snow Service: Ephesians 3:14-21

Who has church on a Saturday!? Well, when an impending snow storm is definitely going to make meeting on Sunday impossible, sometimes it makes sense to gather on Saturday! On January 12th, Pastor Steve and the leaders had a special service that turned out to be a great time of worshipping together and digging into…

Ephesians 4

In Ephesians chapter four we are urged to “walk worthy of the calling” that clearly involved humility, unity, and love in the body of Christ. This sounds like a tall order, and compared to what Christ has done for us, we all feel very unworthy and unable to fulfill this calling! In this message, one…

Ephesians 3

While Pastor Steve is away this week, Associate Pastor and Elder Dave Vollmer continues the study through the book of Ephesians titled “Every Spiritual Blessing.” In this installment, Dave covers Ephesians chapter 3