Sasha Andriyashina/Serving in Kyiv, Ukraine

Dear friends!
Thank you so much for your prayers! God is so good; He gives us lots of opportunities to share Gospel. Because of your prayers people’s hearts are so very open to believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
All this pictures are from Stanitsa Luganska – about 1 mile from the occupied territory. I spend 3 weeks there, giving away clothes, food and medicine. It has been so cold at our house there and at the tent! It is still cold at the tent. We are there from 10am till 3 pm every day.
On Sundays we do a Prayer for peace meetings. We read from the Word and pray with people “sinners prayer first” and then for peace in Ukraine.
One of the hands on the picture is a hand of a man from Ukrainian Security Service. There was no way to take his picture, so as he brought me a present – we took this picture… He prayed with us, we gave him Bible. Please, pray for him and his family.
The needs are so, so bad in that small town– it got me into some heavy emotional condition. I thank God for my pastors – Dima Lyamin and George Markey for ministering to me and loving me, and keeping me accountable with them.
One of the pictures – ladies have some medicine for their elderly sick parents. We bring as much medicine as we can for heart conditions and for high blood pressure. They need so much more! For one old lady we have some pampers – she didn’t get up. But the day we brought them – she just died.
One of the problems is to get things there – we have to travel from the train 4 hours by van through 12 block/check posts…
There are so many broken houses! Almost on every street! Some people still live in them. They may live in the kitchen room or just in one of the rooms – trying to keep it warm somehow…
One of my blessings – God helped me to get driving license – one more way I can help – one more thing for you to pray)))
This Christmas will be difficult and exiting in the same time. There will be about 300 soldiers I’ll have to visit with small presents and with the message about born Messiah to Volodarka, and Popasna, and Stanitsa Luganska – all from Dec. 12, 2015-Jan. 10, 2016.
Please pray for many people to make strong decision to follow Christ the Savior!
Pray for all the money God wants me to spend on gifts, medicine and Christian literature and on the travel.
Pray for safety and for God to stop any work of an enemy.
Pray for peace in Ukraine.
May God bless you in a very special way!
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